Wednesday, February 10, 2010

**Living Life in a Fish Bowl**

I just love to work with my recycled sheet metal!! In this piece, I was thinking about what it was like growing up in a small town, since I did, in fact, do just that!! I was also thinking about today's world, where it is becoming more and more important for everything to be done out in the open so that we all know what is going on!! Lay your cards on the table! (Hmm, good, bad, I don't want to get into politics or anything too serious here!! Enough said!) :)

Longman's Dictionary of Contemporary English defines fishbowl as, 'a place or situation in which you cannot do anything in private.' In this piece, I wanted to bring out the whimsical side of living in a fishbowl! After all, there can be humor even in the most serious of times!

Have a great swim!!!

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Maria said...

Hello over here! Some great art you're putting out these days. Happy colors and forms.