Friday, March 12, 2010

:) Put a Little Love In Your Heart (:

I have a place in my heart for the furry friends that we have and I wanted to show my love for them through this piece! I came up with the idea one day when I was watching my kitties (my art room protectors, they do their best to keep the bad ideas away!!) sleep on the floor while I was creating another piece of work!

The base is a piece of sheet metal, which I covered with my embellished scrap pieces of papers! I used some of my fabric papers for the heart, and added the other items - hearts, paw print and saying. As you may notice, one of the 'toes' on the paw print is a heart!

This piece is for all of the animal lovers out there! Be it cat, dog, or any other 'pawed' friend, be sure to show them the love daily!!


Maria said...

I like the texture you got on the heart with this technique.

Maria said...

Love that; I'm going to show it to my kitty! He'll be pleased to have something dedicated to his kind. :)