Friday, April 16, 2010

**Bark Place Avenue Boutique and Spa**

If you are in or around Rochester, Michigan, your furry friends are in for a real treat!! Bark Place Avenue Boutique and Spa, a chic place at 130 E. University, is waiting to groom, buff and polish your four legged friends! Please visit Kim Williams at and discover the bliss that awaits your faithful companions!! She has a spa menu listed on her site and she also features Etsy artists with their cat and dog items!! And speaking of featured Etsians, above you will see the items that I have shipped to Kim, which are for sale at her boutique!!
Here's wishing you all a barking good day and a meowy evening!! (OK, was that a little over the edge???) :)

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jinxxxygirl said...

Read your 'about me'.......something about turning 40 huh? My blog has a 40 something theme too. :) Love your artwork ! I'm a recycling fanatic too ( as my family calls it) . I find i'm up for the challenge of recycling things whether it be taking it too the recycling center or repurposing things. Great job girl! deb