Saturday, May 29, 2010

++Happy Memorial Day Weekend++

Most important, I want to thank everyone out there who has and who is now serving this wonderful country where we live! You are all in my thoughts and prayers on this Memorial Day weekend. Thank you so much for all you do!

We are planning on having a nice, relaxing day up in the mountains, away from the Valley. We will be traveling to a few small towns, Pine and Strawberry, for the 30th Annual Pine - Strawberry Arts and Crafts Festival. Just the names of these places alone, Pine and Strawberry, are enough to draw me in and away from the heat of the city! It is a quiet, peaceful area, not too far away, but far enough where you can escape the chaos of the metro area for awhile! Sounds great to me! Especially since I am still a country girl at heart and from the Midwest!

The Festival is described as including 75 craft booths, the Fire Dept. is putting on a pancake breakfast, and the Senior Center will be selling Navajo tacos - among other activities! Local quilters will be raffling off 3 quilts - keep your fingers crossed for me, please! :) This sounds like a fantastic day waiting to happen! The wonderful thing about this, too, is that we will not have to travel too far to be in this beautiful mountain setting! I just love the mountains, the open, fresh air, and GREEN! (I know, what am I doing living in Phoenix? I'll let you know if I ever figure that one out!! HEE HEE!)

I am wishing all of you and yours a peaceful weekend! May it be a safe one!

Friday, May 28, 2010

***A Sandpiper Made my Day!***

Hello to all! I have been back in the art room, working on more of my recycled sheet metal pieces (pictures to come soon)! My days are a little better now. As some of you know, we lost our kitty a few days back. Denver has been with me, letting me know that everything is OK!

I wanted to share a funny story about something that happened to me this morning as I was driving to work. As I was heading down a road outside of town, I noticed a bird, what I believe to be a sandpiper (sorry I didn't have the camera with me!!), with wings spread far apart and running on those long legs straight for the front of my car!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought he must be a little crazy and couldn't figure out what he was doing! There was another adult bird standing behind him and neither one of them was in a hurry to get out of the road. As I slowed down, I noticed a tiny little baby sandpiper behind them, about 4 inches tall, and just hanging out in the middle of the road! You should have seen this little thing!! It looked like a fuzzy grey furr ball on top of 2 tiny toothpick stilts! HA HA!! He was all legs!! This was one of the cutest sights I have ever seen! Now I know why the adult was acting a little nutty!! As I came to a complete stop, I flagged the car down behind me, and we let them pass in front of us and off of the road. This made my day!! Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, so I decided that I will grab it and head out a little later to see if they are hanging out again!!

This was one of the best mornings! I will cherish this experience always and I know that a camera is a must and needs to be with me whenever I go out of the house!!

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful day full of those extra special surprises!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

**Knock, Knock, Wooden Head**

This phrase is being borrowed from a dear friend of mine here in the Valley. I know she doesn't mind if I borrow it here. Thank you, Carol!!

I have been so frustrated, sad, angry and outraged - about so many things lately. The passing of my kitty. The news about the state of current affairs. Boy, just try to listen to the news without having your blood boil lately! Have you found it to be impossible, too?? Have you ever wondered what has happened to common sense? Has it gone on vacation and decided to take up residence on another planet?? Isn't it time to wake up and stop taking our planet for granted?

I have felt like so much is spinning out of control and I wasn't sure what to do about it. As I was driving home the other day, I noticed a bunch of plastic bottles and cans along the way on the ground! Was I mad? Oh, yeah!! I started driving off in a huff, becoming more angry as I drove along, then realized... what am I doing? Go back and pick it up!! It's not going to walk to the recyling can on its own!! YUP, my own knock, knock, wooden head moment!! I realized that the phrase, 'Somebody else can do that!' applied to me! Hello, Sharon! You are that somebody else!! Oh, well, I guess this is the start of my being aware! And that might be half the battle right there!!

Yes, I am still frustrated, sad, angry, and outraged, but to help me through this, I have decided to take small steps, do what I can to help matters. Being frustrated, sad, angry and outraged only makes me want to take the steps quicker and whole heartedly. Believing that I can make a difference!! I remember John Denver telling us at the end of one of his concerts years ago - do just one thing, you don't have to do it all, but start with that one thing... OK, John... I get it! Thank you!!

To my friend Maria, I know... keep moving, keep hoping, keep praying!! I'm sending my prayers out to all of you down in the Gulf! Keeping a close eye on the days ahead when one of these solutions will work...

By the way, a HUGE thank you to all of you who stopped by and shared your kind words with me about my kitty last week. Those words meant the world to me and so do each of you...xoxo Peace be with you!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Heart Broke Yesterday...

And I don't think it will ever be the same. It's almost 4:00 in the morning, almost 12 hours ago since I had to say goodbye to our Denver, otherwise known as 'Big D.' He was a special boy to me, my 'furr child,' yet he was more than this to me. He was always there for me - no matter what. And I always knew it. I know he's here now, even as I'm writing this, but it will never be the same. I hope you will come with me as I go down memory lane and tell you about my boy.
He had a big heart of gold, so big, in fact, that I wish his little kidneys were as vibrant as his heart. He was beautiful and handsome, with the most gorgeous green eyes! And a personality that was out of this world! He was my snuggle boy!!
I remember the day we brought him home. We were at the ASPCA in PA and my husband fell for him first. I was looking at the other kitties and as I turned around - there was my husband in this little 'room' which measured about 3 feet wide by 5 feet deep. My husband had hoisted this little ball of furr, about 3 or 4 pounds at the time, onto his shoulder and there he was - dripping and drooling from every place on his body. He was a mess - ear mites, fleas, worms, a cold, the list goes on and on. You name it, my Big D had it! Yet through all of this, he had this enormous heart that was so big that it drew you in and you looked past everything else. He must have felt awful, but his bright eyes were 'smiling,' if you will.
There was a sign on the cage that read something to the effect that he was set to be 'put down' the following day. Well, that could not be... Denver was meant to be ours.
We brought this drooling, dripping 'mess' with his huge heart home and, of course, our orange kitty, Calypso, (you will see him in the pictures above. I had adopted him directly from a dumpster) thought we were crazy! Everywhere Calypso went, my newest child, Denver (we lived in Co once and I was one of John Denver's biggest fans, still am, in fact!) followed. I guess Calypso realized that he was home to stay, so eventually, he showed Big D the ropes - so to speak! My boys were inseperable until we lost Calypso back in 2004. Another time my heart broke.
Over time, my Big D grew to weigh 21 pounds! He was always there for me. In bed, on the sofa, in my art room, at the door when I got home. Those beautiful green eyes would look at me and I knew I was loved. I never doubted this. And let me just say that even at 20+ pounds, this guy could speed around the house and chase toys, treats and even our little girl kitty, Spirit, as if he were a sleek little kitten! And if this guy was on the bed or sofa with me, he pretty much slept or laid where he wanted! We would move around him because he wouldn't budge if he didn't want to! Denver was the light of my life - my big ball of love that I could escape to when the world outside got to be a little too much to take. I could come home, close out the craziness of the world, and my D was here - ALWAYS!
Unfortunately, that came to an end yesterday. Those dreaded words from the vet - Denver is in renal failure. Those darned kidneys of his. God gave him the biggest heart a kitty could have, in fact, I think it weighed 20 pounds. But his kidneys weren't as big and healthy. We put my boy to sleep about 4:20 PM Phoenix time - yesterday afternoon.
My heart is breaking. I see him everywhere, and I don't think I'll ever be the same again. I know I was blessed to have him, but for me, 12 years wasn't enough.
Sleep well and be at peace, my sweet boy, Denver. I know you are with Calypso right now. I'm sure my boys must be having fun again somewhere over Rainbow Bridge. I know that he will be OK, but for now, my heart has been through a shredder..
x0x0 Denver...I'll see you again sometime and I know you are still with me. I love you... Thank you so much for spending your life with us. We are truly blessed.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

*** You Never Know What Lies Beyond.....***

I have been dreaming a lot lately about what I hope lies ahead in the future. Not just mine, but for all of us... This mixed media piece came about with these thoughts in mind.
I used my handmade fabric papers, along with collage background of scrap papers and text. I added a few little important embellishments here and there - including a keyhole which looks into 'beyond,' and a hopeful butterfly which is coming back to the present from the future through the keyhole! A chipboard '2' was embellished, a dream charm was added, and '2 dream' came about!
The text parts of the background read, 'a look of ecstasy, relationship, pockets of money, superb relaxation, great surprise, into the French Alps, little expedition, had found her feet in Italy, passionate love, love and congratulations and the full splendor of sunlight. These are just samples of the many things we can hope for... Go ahead, make your own dreams!
And remember, '2 dream' is very important, because 'you never know what lies beyond...' a closed door!