Friday, May 28, 2010

***A Sandpiper Made my Day!***

Hello to all! I have been back in the art room, working on more of my recycled sheet metal pieces (pictures to come soon)! My days are a little better now. As some of you know, we lost our kitty a few days back. Denver has been with me, letting me know that everything is OK!

I wanted to share a funny story about something that happened to me this morning as I was driving to work. As I was heading down a road outside of town, I noticed a bird, what I believe to be a sandpiper (sorry I didn't have the camera with me!!), with wings spread far apart and running on those long legs straight for the front of my car!! I couldn't believe my eyes! I thought he must be a little crazy and couldn't figure out what he was doing! There was another adult bird standing behind him and neither one of them was in a hurry to get out of the road. As I slowed down, I noticed a tiny little baby sandpiper behind them, about 4 inches tall, and just hanging out in the middle of the road! You should have seen this little thing!! It looked like a fuzzy grey furr ball on top of 2 tiny toothpick stilts! HA HA!! He was all legs!! This was one of the cutest sights I have ever seen! Now I know why the adult was acting a little nutty!! As I came to a complete stop, I flagged the car down behind me, and we let them pass in front of us and off of the road. This made my day!! Unfortunately, I did not have my camera, so I decided that I will grab it and head out a little later to see if they are hanging out again!!

This was one of the best mornings! I will cherish this experience always and I know that a camera is a must and needs to be with me whenever I go out of the house!!

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful day full of those extra special surprises!!


A Creative Dream... said...

We don't have sandpipers, but boy, do we have ducks...and on of our main roads cuts between our reservoir and a small "pond". It is not at all unusual to see rush hour traffic at a dead stop there, once in the morning and once in the evening, as the momma and daddy ducks escort their fuzzy balls of fluff across the road. Several years ago, when this started, I often saw officers with their lights on or out directing traffic, so they could cross, but now, it's just the drivers who do it. It's become quite the tradition around here. And it has never ceased to amaze me that, in all the years this has been going on, never once have I seen any dead duckies. Just something about it that is too cool, huh?

RekindleMe said...

I LOVE the story about the ducks!! It is refreshing to hear about kind deeds such as this - thank you for sharing it!! :)