Saturday, May 1, 2010

*** You Never Know What Lies Beyond.....***

I have been dreaming a lot lately about what I hope lies ahead in the future. Not just mine, but for all of us... This mixed media piece came about with these thoughts in mind.
I used my handmade fabric papers, along with collage background of scrap papers and text. I added a few little important embellishments here and there - including a keyhole which looks into 'beyond,' and a hopeful butterfly which is coming back to the present from the future through the keyhole! A chipboard '2' was embellished, a dream charm was added, and '2 dream' came about!
The text parts of the background read, 'a look of ecstasy, relationship, pockets of money, superb relaxation, great surprise, into the French Alps, little expedition, had found her feet in Italy, passionate love, love and congratulations and the full splendor of sunlight. These are just samples of the many things we can hope for... Go ahead, make your own dreams!
And remember, '2 dream' is very important, because 'you never know what lies beyond...' a closed door!

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Funky Art Queen said...

This is lovely work and very insightful. Thanks for sharing.