Thursday, June 24, 2010

** + HEEERE's Tillie + **

On Monday, 6/21/10, we adopted this little girl and named her Matilda - Tillie for short! She is a 3 pound bundle of love and she is absolutely adorable! Spirit, our 6 year old kitty, isn't too sure about her yet, but she is keeping a close eye on this new addition to our home. Spirit circles Tillie and seems to be trying to figure out what this 'mini me' is all about! I tried to get some good pictures of Tillie, but as you may have guessed wth a 2 month old girl, she does not want to sit still when she is awake!! She has found things in the house that I have forgotten about and she is keeping us all on our toes!

Please stay tuned as we get to know Tillie a little more and I'm sure I will have stories to share!


Maria said...

LOVE little Tillie!! Kittens are just the most adorable creatures, and I like the tiger/tabby markings.
She's already giving you a lot of joy. :) More pix please when you can.

RekindleMe said...

Thank you, Maria! She has been a real joy for us! She came just when we needed her!! I personally believe Denver had something to do with this!! :)

I will work on the pictures, she does not like to sit still!! AAHHHH!!