Thursday, June 3, 2010

**Very Special Birthday Cake**

A good friend of mine over at 'A Creative Dream' ( is having a birthday this month and she has our creative juices flowing!! We are supposed to come up with our own ideas for a birthday cake and share them with others!! This sounds like a good time to me! Happy Birthday, June!
Birthdays have always been special in my family, mom always made sure of that!! She created some of the best childhood memories for me with her surprises, games, parties, and those wonderful cakes!! Thank you, Mom! You are the best!! xoxo
I have another wonderful birthday surprise that I want to share with you here! These are pictures of a 'special cake' I received in 2001 on a flight up to New England! (Do you know which airline we were flying on - hint - I LUV this airline!!!) The plane was packed, we were heading up to see the beautiful colors of the Northeast in the fall, and one of the flight attendants called me to the front of the plane!! EEEKK! One thing you have to understand about me is that I do not feel comfortable in front of a large group of strangers - ALL EYES ON ME!!! My husband had mentioned that it was my birthday, the flight attendants went to work 'baking' me a cake, and it was presented to me, with everyone singing Happy Birthday!' As I walked back to my seat, I received gifts from different people - peanuts, swizzle sticks, napkins and even a few cans of pop (soda to some of you!)! Oh, did I feel the LUV!!!
Well here's to all of you celebrating your special days this month - and a piece of 'cake' from me! Trust me, it is nice, spongy and soft! :)


A Creative Dream... said...

OH MY GOSH Sharon...I LOVE IT! What a great cake for the prompt...and what a wonderful story! Heaven knows I am in for a bit of "fun" on the 18th, I can already tell my co-workers are plotting...the references to the "big 5-0" are coming every day now. Thanks for the birthday wishes...and thanks for sharing that amazing's great!

And I LOVE the new header always, the things you do are just wonderful!

RekindleMe said...

Happy that you liked this one! Thank you! xoxo Can't wait to hear what happens on the 18th!!!