Monday, July 19, 2010


I wanted to send warm birthday wishes to my Grandma today! She is no longer with us here, but I know she is checking in on me from time to time! Above is a picture she painted for me that I wanted to share with you! It is one of my favorites - I LOVE columbine and she painted this for me when she was 90+ years old! Of course, this was when my Grandma started her painting career - when she was 90+ years old!! Yes, my Grandma was a wonderful artist, a fact that was hidden for years! I am so happy it came out eventually and I am fortunate enough to have this in my care!
A few fun bits of information that I want to share about her. She was born in the early 189os! I always thought that was amazing, listening to her stories when I was growing up about the 1800s! What a treat that was for me! She taught me how to crochet and she also helped me find my own creative side! Thank you, Grandma! You were a trailblazer!! I cherish those memories together!
Another interesting story about my grandma! She took a trip with her father back in 1914 to Switzerland - and I have the papers from the journal she kept while she was on that trip! Fascinating time for her - she was able to stretch her independence and her sea legs when they boarded a ship bound for the 'homeland,' as she put it! A scary thing happened to them on their 13 day trip across the Atlantic! Grandma said that on the 3rd night, it was foggy and the horns kept blowing. They awoke to a 'terrible jolt' in the middle of the night and were told that they had been rammed by a freighter. Now, a hole was there in the side of the boat and they were told to put their life jackets on! (Wow, this almost sounds like the Titanic, and keep in mind the year here was 1914, not long after that famous incident!) They finally discovered that the hole in the side of the ship was 10 feet above water level, so everyone was able to rest easy for the remainder of the trip! Grandma had mentioned that she was happy to be on land when they docked in Germany, and she and her dad were able to enjoy the next few weeks with family and new adventures ahead!!
These are just a few interesting things about my Grandma, but I wanted to share them with you and introduce you to a fascinating woman who 'cut loose' and found her own way before settling down to a quiet farm life! So here's to you, Grandma! Happy Birthday, you trailblazer! I am sure you are enjoying your day out there somewhere exciting with friends and family!! Perhaps you are spending the day in your 'homeland!' xoxo

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Maria said...

Great story about your grandma! She was like Grandma Moses who started her painting career in her 90s. It's never too late!
My grandma was a farm woman and didn't spend a huge amount of time on sewing or weaving, but my mom did. My grandma used to chop wood and dig potatoes, and things like that. More outdoorsy stuff.