Friday, August 27, 2010

-+**Lil' Scrappers**+-

It's 11:25 AM in the Valley and it is 77 degrees! Yes, we Arizonians are doing the 'Happy Dance' today! I have a window opened up for some fresh air (which hasn't happened since April) and we can breathe comfortably!! My girls, (kitties - Spirit and Tillie) are crowding in at the fresh air and we are once again reminded that our better seasons - along with their wonderful weather - are on the way back to us! Ahhhhh - how do you spell RELIEF!!!!!!

This 'wonderful weather day' has also put me in the mood to work endlessly in my art room! I have been putting together some fun little pieces, made from my recycled stash of treasured paper scraps, fabrics, tid bits, etc., and I am calling these pieces my 'Lil Scrappers!' What do you think? I don't like to throw things away and I realized that this was the perfect project for my treasures!! They aren't completely finished yet - but they are on their way to fruition!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

**Wish You Were Here**

Hello all! Hope you had a nice weekend! We got out of the Valley for a few days and now I have been 'rekindled!'

We went to a lovely little town up in the hills over the weekend - perhaps you have heard of it - Sedona! We sat out on the balcony of our hotel room Saturday night and watched the storms roll across the sky - very romantic, very beautiful and breath taking! This is monsoon season here in AZ, and it really can be a lovely time of the year - full of surprises! The sky had turned a pinkish color before the storm clouds rolled through - perhaps this was just the 'shadow' from the red in the rocks of Sedona??? ;o) We also had the chance to see a double rainbow before the sky turned dark and lit up with bright, sharp lightning! Oh, what a perfect night! The show went on for a few hours!

We had taken Denver's ashes along with us. (For those who don't know, we lost our very special kitty, Denver, a few months ago.) So, on Sunday, we took a little hike along a pathway, which led us to a meandering stream and up toward a beautiful grouping of those magnificent red rocks! It was here where we decided to let a little part of our boy go. We think he would have loved this place...

We are now back down in the heat of the Valley and I am back in my studio - working on my next 'rekindled' project! Stay tuned for pictures to follow in a few days!! Until then, happy creating to all of you!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

***LOVED IT!!***

Hello all! Just wanted to update the info about the movie Eat, Pray, Love! I loved it!! 2 thumbs up and then some for me! Deb, I am wondering, what did you think, especially since you haven't read the book yet? Was it easy to follow?

I love the fact that she took the time for herself - FOR HERSELF ONLY!! - and went off on a soul searching adventure! What a spunky gal!! It must be very refreshing, yet a touch scary, to decide that you are going to pull up stakes and take off for the unknown! It looks like the right choice for her! By the way, did I mention that we preceded this movie with a wonderful Italian meal? :)

I hope all of you have a wonderful week ahead!

Friday, August 13, 2010

*****Here it Comes*****

Happy Friday the 13th!!

It is here! The movie that I have been waiting to see all is time to 'Eat, Pray, Love!' I read this book recently and I was so happy to hear that it was going to be in the theaters! I know that this is getting a lot of publicity, and I'm not sure how you feel about it, but for me - this book was difficult to put down! I guess it was another one of those stories, such as 'Under the Tuscan Sun,' when I felt like I was in another place and time, trying to see life through their eyes. Sometimes I can get lost in a book and I don't see or hear anything else around me! I can't wait to see Julia Roberts bring the author to life! And, let's be honest, I am also looking forward to seeing Javier Bardem!! Not too bad on the eyes! I have heard the movie is not getting good reviews, but hey, I have a mind of my own! So, I'm off to see it and come to my own conclusions!!

P.S. In preparation for the weekend ahead, I went out and had a facial this morning! OOHHHH, so nice! The esthetician was surprised that I was in my 40s - apparently my skin is not showing my age! Bless her heart for saying this!! Of course, I WILL be going back to her! :)

Happy Friday the 13th, and if you eat, pray and love this weekend, here's hoping it's all fantastic!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

++++Glory Years Under Attack++++

My 'glorious years' are under attack!!! The responsible party is a 3 month old furr ball! Beware!!!

It is official! We found out that we did not adopt a kitten - we adopted Satan in a small furr coat!

Shortly after we adopted 'Tillie,' we spent time completely overhauling our home! That's right!! No more feng shui... No more pretty things sitting around... No more toilet paper in easy reach... No more electrical cords on the floor within reach of small teeth! No more surfaces left bare - they have now been covered with blankets, towels, and aluminum foil (which does NOT scare any cat that I have ever raised!!)! Chaos has ensued and I fear that Armageddon is happening in my home!!

The spray bottle that is supposed to work 'Oh, so well!'??? Nope!! Not a problem for Tillie!! This is now an enjoyable experience for her, which she believes is a wonderful spa treatment known as a vichy shower!!

What happened to that adorable, little, sweet face that looked up at me so lovingly? That precious little girl who crawled into my arms and fell asleep for an hour? WHO CAME INTO MY HOUSE AND ABDUCTED MY BABY KITTEN!!!!!! What evil forces are at work here?

We have an appointment at the vet's office to take her in to be spayed soon! They are also going to check and make sure that she is not an alien from another planet, and then we are hoping that they will return our adorable little kitten with the sweet face!! I miss that sweet face... I miss that sleepy kitten! Where, oh where are you, Tillie????? I will keep you posted.....