Monday, August 2, 2010

++++Glory Years Under Attack++++

My 'glorious years' are under attack!!! The responsible party is a 3 month old furr ball! Beware!!!

It is official! We found out that we did not adopt a kitten - we adopted Satan in a small furr coat!

Shortly after we adopted 'Tillie,' we spent time completely overhauling our home! That's right!! No more feng shui... No more pretty things sitting around... No more toilet paper in easy reach... No more electrical cords on the floor within reach of small teeth! No more surfaces left bare - they have now been covered with blankets, towels, and aluminum foil (which does NOT scare any cat that I have ever raised!!)! Chaos has ensued and I fear that Armageddon is happening in my home!!

The spray bottle that is supposed to work 'Oh, so well!'??? Nope!! Not a problem for Tillie!! This is now an enjoyable experience for her, which she believes is a wonderful spa treatment known as a vichy shower!!

What happened to that adorable, little, sweet face that looked up at me so lovingly? That precious little girl who crawled into my arms and fell asleep for an hour? WHO CAME INTO MY HOUSE AND ABDUCTED MY BABY KITTEN!!!!!! What evil forces are at work here?

We have an appointment at the vet's office to take her in to be spayed soon! They are also going to check and make sure that she is not an alien from another planet, and then we are hoping that they will return our adorable little kitten with the sweet face!! I miss that sweet face... I miss that sleepy kitten! Where, oh where are you, Tillie????? I will keep you posted.....


A Creative Dream... said...

OH MY GOODNESS....isn't that how things always go...whether it is a kitten, a puppy, or a baby...once they realize what they can do, it's all over for the grown ups!

RekindleMe said...

You are right on this one, June! We are hoping for the best and I will keep you posted!

Lisa Zinza said...

I am laughing... & crying with empathy... we've had a cat like that!!! We know we... know!!!

Just got to luv um!

Maria said...

Maybe she'll get over it? Just a phase. She's so cute though, you have to forgive her. :)
I like your refurbished site. No claw marks there... yet!

RekindleMe said...

Thank you, Maria! She is adorable - and she is testing us!! When she looks at me with those loving little eyes, she makes my heart melt and all is forgiven!