Monday, September 13, 2010

+++Rainbows are Everywhere!!+++

A discovery came to me as I was sitting in my studio this morning, working on my latest project - I am surrounded by rainbows!! I LOVE colors - bright colors - delicious colors! And they are everywhere!!

Gee, it's no wonder why I feel happy and inspired every single time I am working at my desk! I feel at ease, relaxed and on top of the world! I guess this feeling is my pot of gold at the end of my rainbow!

Yes, my own rainbows are everywhere! Do you have your own?


A Creative Dream... said...

Don't you just love them? I recently bought a new BIG box of crayons just so that I can leave them on my desk and open the lid any time I need a boost to my creativity... something about all those wonderful colors staring up at you that just makes you realize all the possibilities!

RekindleMe said...

Oh, I SOOO agree with you there, June! Those big box of crayons bring back memories of childhood days!