Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Road - Bumpy and Slow - To Rekindle Me

Have you ever had a day that hits you like a freight train going at top speed? This happened to me recently. Out of sorts all day, didn't know why, and then a quick doodle came to me. Didn't think about it, just scribbled it out. You will see it here and I have been thinking about it a lot since then. Oh, by the way, I actually published this a few days ago, then deleted it. After all, I didn't want my blogger friends to think I had deep rooted issues!!! ;o) Please read on if you want - or don't. I just decided to put this out there for me, then it would be done. I wouldn't have to keep it inside anymore and it can leave me alone!
A few years ago, when I came up with the name for my new website - Rekindle Me - little did I know that this simple 2 words would mean more to me than simply loving my new found interest of turning trash into treasured, 'artsy' pieces.
This was also going to mark a huge turn in my life, something that needed to come about, whether I liked it or not. Up until this point, I guess I was living in a fairy tale, but I soon discovered that not everything was as it seemed around me... Enter those awful demons that can come about at the time when you least expect them and sideswipe you in the middle of your life!!! My simple way of looking at things was about to get ugly - real ugly! I found that some things that I believed in, that I trusted in, were gone. Perhaps never existed in the first place. This was quite a shock to me, but life goes on and you learn more about yourself as you go. I'm not sure, yet, that I understand everything that went on, and I may never know! But that will be OK.
I did meet helpful people on this new journey to healing and new situations arose. I personally believe that these things were put in place to help me learn more about me! I believe the universe keeps throwing things your way until you figure out what it means. Some things are still, and always will be, a work in progress. And this is OK, too. As the saying goes, 'Slow and steady will win the race.' Maybe that's not just a cute saying with a picture of an adorable turtle beside that 'run as fast as you can' hare. Maybe, just maybe, the person who first said this really did discover something so true. Their own pathway to 'rekindle me'???
Slowly, I am beginning to trust again, but I am cautious! I am beginning to forgive and forget (OK, I'm still working on that one). And I'm trying to carry on with what I need to do next. Hang on, Sharon, it's going to get a little bumpy along the way, but I'll hit clear skies again. As for now, I'm just trying to figure it all out. So far, so good...
Now, on a lighter note, I think I'll go shopping this weekend for a new color lipstick. I need a color that goes well with a 'rekindled' lifestyle. What color do you think that would be??? Berry, orange, red?
I'll let you know...


A Creative Dream... said...

I must have been one of the lucky ones who caught the post originally because when I saw this post I thought "didn't I already see that?"...

Here's a tiny news flash that I am finding out... we ALL have issues, some days they are deeper than others, and some days they seem lighter... it's a part of this learning experience. I think the more we share them(and you have noticed how often I share my ugly side), the more we all understand they are normal.

My Little One tells me orange is the color of the season... she got some orange lipstick the other day to go with her newly red (and fiery) hair. I say go for the color that makes YOU the happiest!

jinxxxygirl said...

Girlfriend i'am sorry for whatever 'sideswiped'you. I hope posting it on your blog helped you feel better.

I'll listen if you need an ear. If you'd like to 'air' a little more than you feel comfortable putting on a blog. My email is posted under my profile.

You can do this you know. What ever is troubling you , you can get past it. You can do hard things..... ((HUGS)) deb

RekindleMe said...

Thank you both! June, I played it safe and went with a berry color!

Deb, I will be sending an email your way! Thank you so much, you have a big heart!!