Wednesday, October 20, 2010

_+***What's Your Jewelry Story???***+_

Oh, another beautiful day here in the Valley of the Sun! You can tell that autumn is in the air and I am coming to life once again! Those of you who know me know that this is my favorite time of the year! Love, LOve, LOVE it!!!!! To show the love, I have just finished my first piece of etched metal jewelry - "Autumn Awaits!"

Jewelry was one of the first loves of my life! I think it is an exciting way to add a touch of pizzazz to your day and the choices tell a little story about the person wearing it! Have you ever stopped and wondered why you picked out the pieces that you have on??? Do you have your own story? Do you wear symbols or words on a chain? Do you wear bright colors or nature's colors? Perhaps you have a piece that was handed down from a beloved family member! Whatever the case may be, we choose each piece for a reason.

"Autumn Awaits" came to me the other day, so I went to work drawing my plan and made it come to fruition! The words were stamped in metal, cut out, sanded and darkened with Liver of Sulphur. A little buff and polish and they were done! The leaves were drawn out by hand, traced onto the copper, then I cut them out with a jewelry saw. I etched the veins by hand with a stylus and sanded the edges. The leaves were then given a ferric chloride bath, rinsed and polished. (By the way, a LOT of sanding, scrubbing and washing is involved with this process!!) Again, liver of sulphur made the veins pop out! I then added a little bend here and there to show movement of the leaves. After all, autumn means that they are falling off of the trees, preparing themselves for the next season to come! (Just not yet! I want to bask in the autumn glow a little longer!!) I added the pieces to a chain, added a closure and it was complete and ready to wear!

I definitely had fun with this whole process and will try it again! I have more copper pieces waiting in the wings, wondering what they are going to become!! A necklace, earrings, perhaps a lovely brooch??? Who knows - the sky is the limit! If you want to see a wonderful and very talented metal jewelry artist, please check out Amy at, Her pieces are amazing!! They will knock your socks off! Enjoy!


Maria said...

I LOVE copper jewelry, and this one is very sweet! I feel you captured the mood of autumn perfectly. You're so right about what makes us pick up certain pieces to wear. Most of my jewelry has a story behind it, and that's what makes it special, even if I bought or made it myself.


jinxxxygirl said...

Your jewelry knocks my socks off! I just love Autumn Awaits! Since this is your first i can't wait to see what future pieces you create!

Haven't been posting much......i thinks its because i have big, BIG, HUGE news but i don't want to say anything and you know 'jinx' it. LOL! But the actual 'big news' day is a little over a month away and surely i can't hold it that long without spilling the beans. :) My life is changing big time! Stay tuned. and you keep creating!deb

RekindleMe said...

Thank you so much, both of you!

Maria, I have always loved the jewelry that you make! Do you ever teach classes for this?

Deb, You have us on pins and needles!! This sounds exciting!! A hint, please!!!!!

Robbie said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog, Sharon! And now I too and one of your followers!! Isn't it wonderful how we can see others art and follow their lives..whether in good times or bad...I get so inspired by others! Now you are added to my 'dashboard'! Again, thanks and glad you enjoyed some of my work!

jinxxxygirl said...

Haven't heard from you in awhile . Hope all is well. And by the way be on pins and needles no longer as i have made an announcement! :)

Amy said...

How beautiful! I can see that you have a gift for etching...Thank you so much for adding such a nice comment on my blog about my etched jewelry and for adding me to your blog! I cant wait to see what is yet to come :)

Thanks again,

RekindleMe said...

Thank you Robbie and Amy for stopping by and for your kindness! I think you both have an amazing gift and I will be an avid follower!!! Deb, I am on my way to your blog now to check out your news!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Missed ya! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was gonna comment on my doodle. LOL!

I'll be very happy when you get your computer up and running! Ha! I'm sure you will too! I'll bet you have alot of crafty stuff and art to show us! deb