Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*** Just Checking In ***

Hello, all! It is almost here!!! HAPPY DECEMBER! Are you getting ready for the Big Guy in Red to arrive soon??? I just wanted to check in to see how everyone is doing! Tillie wanted to take a peek, too! (That is her in the picture above. She is a cutie, don't you agree?) She has been checking out the house, discovering a whole new world of wonderful toys (my Christmas decorations)!!!
I am busy in the art room, getting ready to add a few more items to my website and Etsy! I am sure all of you are busy doing the same! I am wondering, what are you doing to prepare for the holidays? Are you making your own gifts this year? I LOVE homemade gifts - they are straight from the heart!
Drop a line or 2 if you have time and let me know what you are up to! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!
And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the wonderful comment on my post! I did not make it to Burlesque but went to Unstoppable instead. VERY good movie too. Its based on true events so maybe if you know how it will end from news reports then maybe not as good. But i didn't know and it managed to keep me on the edge of my seat munching popcorn. Love the actors too Denzel Washington and Chris Pine. Worth the $$.

What a cute kitty. Jinx our cat does not do change well so we weren't sure if he would take to the stand hubby built or not but he did right off. i think he likes the top layer cause its closer to the ceiling and warmer. LOL!

Whoopsie getting long here. :) I need to check out your etsy shop and start one of my own......yep on the to do list. I usually subject all my friends and relatives to the torture of receiving homemade gifts but i was caught off guard this year and will go with either baked goods or something small from the store. But i would love an entirely homemade xmas wouldn't you? OH and Happy Birthday to Mom too!!!

RekindleMe said...

Hi, Deb! I will look into that movie! Not familiar with it. Thanks for the heads up!

You should start an Etsy shop! I think you need to get your stuff out there!!!

By the way, I'll let mom know about the bday wishes! Thank you!!!

xoxo Sharon

Maria said...

Cutie kitty! :) I haven't been doing a lot of preparations for Christmas, only stocking up my etsy shop and other shops locally. My friends and I, and my family, don't really exchange presents. I give my youngest pimple-faced nephew some money, but the others are grown. My mom is 92 so she's a kid again. I was going to send her some socks I knitted, but didn't. I figure she can't get them on since they turned out a bit tight. I sent her some bought socks instead (hanging head in shame...) ;)