Thursday, November 18, 2010

**The Tote that Carries My BagGagE...**

Hello, all! It's been awhile since I've posted and I'm trying to catch up with you now! I was away visiting family and when we came home - computer issues!! I don't understand much about how computers run, I just want them to do it with no babysitting needed! (Yes, I live in a fantasy world! :) ) And by the way, can a firewall be so good that you can't even get into your own computer??? Oh, well. Our 'computer friend' came over last night and we are back on track! Thank you, Jarret!

So, while getting ready to leave the house the other day, I realized I have a lot of 'baggage' that I carry with me when I go! Sketch book and pencils, camera, book or 2, water bottle, a jacket now because you never know what the desert weather will bring, and, of course, a fashionable purse to match the day's ensemble of carefully chosen clothes! Oh no, do I need a suitcase???

I am just wondering, what kind of 'baggage' do you carry when you go out the door? What do you carry it in??? Is this a 'girl thing,' or is it just me? And to think, I'm not even packing here for children, just me!!!

No matter what choice I make for 'tote of the day,' I always feel like I'm getting ready to board a plane!! "A purse and one other personal carry on item only, please!"

What's in YOUR bag???


jinxxxygirl said...

I carry a tote bag. A recent development. Must be an age thing.... LOL! I used to only carry a wallet but other things have crept in. Now i carry a book, a camera, phone, keys. Still not too bad but its creeping in ....deb

RekindleMe said...

I like your sense of humor, Deb! Be careful of those 'creepy' things!! :)

jinxxxygirl said...

Girlfriend work is over!!!!! I don't think it has really sunk in yet. :) Maybe after a week or so. My last day was yesterday (thurs). For a while it may just feel like i'm on vacation.

Plan on making a post about it but have family here thru the weekend and activities planned so i'll be a little scarce on here. Thank you so much for the compliments on my artsy stuff. Yeah i really lack the self confidence there. Feel free to lift my spirits there any time you want to! LOL! Hugs! deb

Lesley Chandler said...

I should carry a suitcase! I am in my car a lot for my work as a marketer. I always like to have a book to read when I take a break, my two phones-one for work and personal one, lip stick, wallet, pens, a notebook to capture ideas. Often I carry my big ole camera cuz you never know when a photo op will come up. I carry too much and some times get overwhelmed with stuff. I should carry a nice tote to keep it all organized but I don't.

RekindleMe said...

Lesley, I think you should use one of the totes that you make to carry your items! I have seen some of those totes and they are adorable!!