Sunday, January 9, 2011

+++ Escape to the Second Hand Bookstore +++

We recently took a trip to one of our favorite second hand bookstores here in the Valley! There is always something fun brewing here - meet and greets with authors, talking to others who share the same interests, browsing some wonderful new 'treasures,' talking to the fun people who work there, getting the best creative ideas just by being in close proximity to some amazing books, or enjoying a tasty treat next door at a favorite restaurant after an exciting stop at the bookstore! The above bumper sticker was acquired at our last visit to this store. We got a good laugh out of this (this one is from David & Goliath , Inc.)!!

I also picked up a book, which came out in 2001! A definite treasure that I didn't know existed out there on the shelf! Have you heard of Jill Badonsky, M. Ed. and her book, "The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard)?" I just started reading this and I'm having a hard time putting it down! Lots of good information in here and it is such an inspiration! If you are feeling stuck in a creative rut, no end in sight, this might be a book for you! I just started reading about the muse of "paying attention, passion and possibilities!" Her name is "Aha-phrodite!" Can't wait to finish this one!!

Here's wishing you all a creative day and may your own muse find you in an uninhibited and joyous mood!!!


jinxxxygirl said...

Aaaw thanks for the comment Sharon. Sometimes i just put too much pressure on myself to run. Push , push, push.....when i'm really not feeling it. As hard as i've tried i've just not fallen in love with running. Its a means to an end. A quick way to burn calories. It may take a little longer but if all i can do is push myself to walk out the door and down the road then thats what i need to do. You definately don't have to run Sharon. Just move. Being a couch potato got me to 250 pounds and i'm not going back.

The first step out the front door is the hardest!All you have to do is promise yourself that first step and i'll bet you'll never look back! HugsDEb

Maria said...

I have my fave second hand bookstores as well! You never know what treasures you might find. I haven't read that book you mentioned. Usually I don't have creative blocks, but I might put something down mid-finished and start up some other craft completely. I gave myself the freedom to do whatever with my art and not feel guilty. :)

Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Maria, I like your outlook on your artwork and not feeling guilty!! I'm guessing that your 'no pressure' approach is exactly why you do not have creative blocks!!??

Deb, I am adding a little more speed on the treadmill! No couch potato here, but I do watch when I am walking! Thanks again!