Wednesday, January 19, 2011

~+~ Life Lessons from my Furr Kids ~+~

I've always had a cat in my life, as far back as I can remember. Last night, while getting ready for bed, it dawned on me that each one has been sent to teach me something important, to be my mentors in life!!! So here they are - everything I know about life, I really did learn it from my kitties!

Above you will see Tommy, from him I learned that it doesn't matter where you come from, someone will always be there to love you and you will never be a stranger. Tommy just showed up on our front porch one night. We have no idea where he came from and nobody came forward to claim him. So he just walked right into our hearts and our lives!

This is Tabby! She was a kitten when we adopted her from a farm and she taught me to live a good long and healthy life! She was with us for almost 21 years!!

This is Abbey! She taught me to relax and make room for quiet time.

This is Calypso! He came to me straight out of a dumpster! My boy taught me that you can overcome any obstacle if you put your mind to it! "Perseverance is the key," he said! My Calypso had lost one eye from an infection that he had when he came to me.

This is Denver - My Big D!! Denver taught me about love, PURE love!!! Yes, it really does exist!

This is Spirit! My girl is teaching me to never give up on my independence! "Be your own self and you will find your bliss," she recently told me!

And this is my Tillie!! Explore - Play! She told me to play like there is no tomorrow! Test your limits and push them, too! There are no boundaries and your choices are limitless!! BREAK THE RULES that life tries to put on you!!

I am a very fortunate woman to have each one of these angels in my life! Somebody did well in picking them out for me and I bless each and every one of them! Thank you so much for coming into my life... for teaching me the important lessons that make life worth living!!! xoxo All my love, "Mom"


Maria said...

Made me cry... so beautiful! I LOVE cats and I've had several that have been huge inspirations in my life.

Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Thank you, Maria!