Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh, the Wonderful Weekends!!!

I just LOVE the weekends! Whether they fall on Saturday and Sunday, or whatever they are as my schedule permits!! They are time to play!!!

I had a fantastic time last Saturday at a local art shop! I had never taken a soldering class, so this time I jumped in and had a blast! We learned how to cut the glass pieces first, then it was on to 'building' our houses!!! The papers used were from our own personal stash - gee, I bet you wouldn't have guessed that from the papers I chose! (you can check those papers out above!)

So, let's see, tools assembled and supplies ready to go! Put on your hard hat and away we went! Cut, tape, piece together, all assembled, ready, set, SOLDER!!! WOO HOO! No burns! Close calls, though!!! Finished it up, put on a little polish, gave it a good 'spring cleaning,' and here it is! Ready to move in!!!

So, what is in the works for this weekend??? Well, more of those wonderful empty pages to fill, but first it is off to lunch with a girlfriend from high school!! She is in town for a long weekend and I haven't seen her in a year! She is a twin sister from another mother, we were born a week apart, and whenever we get together, LOOK OUT! I hope the Valley is prepared for the nonsense we have in store!!!

What are you doing this weekend???


jinxxxygirl said...

Wow that class sounds like fun..I so would have went with you! i want to try to soldering too! Its on THE LIST.
Just got back from the movies. We saw your $ wish i had saved mine. Lets see i'm painting a bird feeder for the birds to use until i put the shingle roof on the other one.....ummm i'm redwood staining a pyramid my hubs built for my passion vine to grow on now that its peeking out of the ground....maybe make some jalopeno poppers.......and i'm sure some drawing is in there too......hugs girl and you have a great weekend!

Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Oh, Deb, I wish you could have gone with me! That would have been a blast!!!

It sounds like your weekend is full! Will you have pictures of some of these projects?

Thank you for the heads up on the movie! We are thinking about seeing one tomorrow since it is rather cool out this way!

I'll talk to you soon and a great weekend to you, too! xoxo Sharon