Thursday, April 7, 2011

** The Power of an Empty Page... **

I've been 'offline' for awhile... Needed to catch my breath, focus, get some movement going...

I will get there!

I found that a cheap sketch book, blank pages, and a little bit of this and that from my desk, can help make life so much better! Thank you, empty pages! You heal me with your endless opportunities!!!


jinxxxygirl said...

So good to see you Sharon! Missed ya! Love your pages! I probably would get more done if i would unplug for awhile. LOL! Instead i'll just keep plugging along. Hope to hear from you again soon!
hugs! deb

A Creative Dream... said...

And so often I find my empty pages mocking me! I'm glad you find them so inviting, they can work wonders on a tired soul!

Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving the kind words!

Deb, it really does help to 'unplug' for awhile! xoxo back to you!

June, They sure do work wonders! It's great to feel the freedom!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks so much for the comment. So glad you think i inspire. No workout will work for the same two people. You've got to make it work for you. So i hope i've inspired you to find ways to make it work and just move!