Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*** UnuSuAl SigHtiNg!!! ***

Did a little work in the art room lately!!! First of all, the top of my desk is white! WOW! Been so long that I forgot! :( I also got another table to add as an extension. You never know when the mood will hit and you need a lot of space!

Hope everyone is having a creative week! I'm off to start a new project and mess up my desk!!!


Kim said...

It truly must be spring- I have been doing the same thing-although you can't see the top of my workspace yet because I keep refilling it with things that need to be organized :) Yours looks great- did you get lots of inspiration while you were cleaning up? I always find things I want to do when I'm cleaning- lol! Have a super creative day!!!!

jinxxxygirl said...

Thanks so much for the well wishes Sharon! Boy you better get busy! That desk is too clean!!!!

Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Thank you, Kim and Deb! My head is spinning with new ideas and you will be happy to know that my desk is no longer clean!! I have mixed feelings about this, but I guess it is a good thing! Right???

Hope you had a great day, too!!